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January 2018
Eight new year resolutions to help you beat the stats
For many people, the new year is synonymous with resolutions but only about 8% of people follow through with them; the following steps are ways in which Veterinary Ireland Financial Services can help you plan and implement yours

November 2017
Staff pensions – an employer’s duty
Declan Gahan, senior financial consultant at Veterinary Ireland Financial Services, examines some of your obligations as an employer. To help, he has prepared this simple guide to assist vets satisfy their duty to provide a pension deduction facility to all employees including when it applies to a spouse

July 2017
Partnership agreements
Partnerships, in particular veterinary partnerships, have many additional layers of complexity, writes solicitor, Joe McVeigh, of Baily Homan Smyth McVeigh, who has presented at many of the Veterinary Financial Services Limited seminars around Ireland

May 2017
Do you qualify for the State Pension?
Declan Gahan from Veterinary Ireland Financial Services explains how the State Pension (Contributory) works

March 2017
Topical tax issues for vets
Sandra Clarke FCA, AITI, Partner, BCC Chartered Accountants, looks at two recent
topical tax issues for vets – the Help to Buy Incentive scheme for first-time buyers, and Offshore Matters

January 2017
2017: New Year financial resolutions

It wouldn't be the New Year without resolutions. For most of us, New Year's resolutions can disappear in days, weeks at best. Financial New Year's resolutions are really common, but they can be some of the toughest to stick with. Here we look at seven ways to set a course and stay on track

October 2016
Understanding your retirement options
Mary Goodman and Declan Gahan from Veterinary Ireland Financial Services highlight what vets need to know when approaching retirement

July 2016
How a Partnership Agreement helps your practice
There are many issues to consider when you are in a partnership and if you have not already done so, you should put a Partnership Agreement in place where sound rules and procedures are agreed, write Mary Goodman and Declan Gahan, Veterinary Ireland Financial Services Ltd

May 2016
Income protection
When you're feeling fit and healthy it can be difficult to plan for an unexpected illness or injury that could leave you out of work. Yet, almost everything in your life depends on your income – your family, your home, your regular outgoings. Could you manage to take care of your bills or loved ones if you couldn't work for a long period of time, ask Mary Goodman and Declan Gahan, Veterinary Ireland Financial ServicesMarch 2016

Protect your family and your business
It's not something any of us really likes to think about but, when it comes to the lottery of life, we all need to think about the financial cover we have in place should the unexpected happen, write Mary Goodman Mehigan and Declan Gahan, Veterinary Ireland Financial Services

January 2016

Five financial resolutions for the new year
While exercise and abstinence may form the basis of most resolutions, wise heads would do well to ensure their new year resolve is also of a financial nature. Veterinary Ireland Financial Services (VIFS) has suggested five steps that will ensure your financial plan is right on track

September 2015
Veterinary Ireland's pension platform
Veterinary Ireland Financial Services outlines its range of solutions to your retirement planning needs

July 2015
Eight points to ponder on pension planning
Veterinary Ireland Financial Services provide this guide to planning your pension

May 2015
The importance of a paper trail in veterinary employment situations

One of the most simple, avoidable and easy-to-fix mistakes made by employers of all sizes is the absence of a paper trail. Keeping non-clinical records in veterinary practices is of the utmost importance, writes Peter Bishton, Deputy Chief Executive, Veterinary Ireland

March 2015
Pass it on: transferring assets to your family

If you are planning to leave assets to your family or others after your death, or to give gifts during your lifetime, then estate planning and capital acquisitions tax are things you need to consider and to plan for, write Mary Goodman Mehigan QFA and Declan Gahan QFA

February 2015
The business benefits of Instagram

Using social media to promote your practice is a positive move, but which social media platform is likely to get you the greatest customer engagement? Ivan Adriel, Creative Director at, explains some of the benefits of the photo-sharing social network, Instagram

January 2015
Planning for your financial future

If you haven’t already made your New Year’s financial resolutions, now is the right time to do so

September 2014
Pensions and investments: what’s the plan?
Pensions and investments are more complicated now than they were for previous generations, and helping members to navigate this planning maze is one of the main roles of Veterinary Ireland Financial Services Limited

July 2014
Protect your largest asset with the right Income Protection Policy
Most of us worry about paying for our unending list of financial commitments: mortgage, car and property tax, car loans, gas, electricity, crèche fees, the list goes on. It’s like the runway at Dublin airport, the minute one bill has landed, there’s another one right behind it.

June 2014
Let’s get clinical

Veterinary clinics provide a great way to enhance your practice and attract new customers, writes Louise Brennan, Veterinary Business Manager at Royal Canin

April 2014
Your pension – your platform

Veterinary Ireland launches a new Pension & Investment Platform for the profession

October 2013
The countdown to retirement
Mary Goodman and Declan Gahan from Veterinary Ireland Financial Services Limited

August 2013
Setting up an obesity clinic
Alexander James German BVSc PhD CertSAM DipECVIM-CA MRCVS
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, University of Liverpool

July 2013
Market your business successfully online
The most photographed horse in the world is High Kingdom, an Irish-bred horse, owed by Zara Philips. You can't buy that kind of exposure, but you can do a few simple things to help promote your business, Margaret Donnelly heard at the Teagasc Equine Marketing Conference recently

June 2013
Setting up an obesity clinic
Alexander James German BVSc PhD CertSAM DipECVIM-CA MRCVS
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, University of Liverpool

May 2013
At Your Service
Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. And, while you may believe that you are already providing this, it is always important to review the entire practice's approach to customer service to ensure that your customer always comes back to you